Expert analyst showed senator staged "live" kitchen event

All of this on top of the Democrats launching impeachment proceedings against president illustrates how much this world is in crisis

Media burying story after facts show black man responsible for death of Jazmine Barnes

Crime statistics show murders within same race are actually far more common

'She’s got better aim than James Hodgkinson, that’s for sure,' says one leftist

Infowars message of 1776 worldwide taking root in Islamic nation


President refuses to budge on securing the border


Top Dem triggered by Trump's negotiating style

'Dancing's great, but ideas matter more,' he says

Establishment will do whatever it takes to stop Brexit despite democratic vote

Dems only against wall because they don't want to hand Trump victory

Media whipped up fake race-baiting narrative over tragic murder


Congress is only attempting to "re-assert" its role on national security the moment a US president is seeking to pull out of the Middle East


“You know, Rev, you can call it a slap, a tap or a beatdown, I’m still getting punched in the face, right?”


Steyer is plowing another $6 million into what some Democratic leaders worry is an ill-fated attempt to impeach the president

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America desperately needs a political detox, and decentralization might just provide the cure.

After the protests began peacefully, Paris police deployed teargas and batons as protesters began to riot during the so-called 'Act VIII" Day of Rage

In addition to prioritizing training for military readiness, the CMC issued a separate set of guidelines intended to boost morale


Globalists and unleashed Deep State forces threaten America's very existence -- Trump must act now!

American people don't want 70% tax rate for 'utopian' pipedream

Predictive programming methods condition masses to accept catastrophe

Video highlights the liberal celebration of internet censorship

MSM denies a crisis on the border even exists


Protests roll into eighth week as Macron loses grip on power

Far-left outlet defends Muslim congresswoman who issued profanity-laced impeachment threat against Trump

Does the First Amendment only protect us from government?

MSM claims no good reason to build border wall

Overwhelming majority of Americans say the shutdown has had zero effect on their lives

Online purge of conservatives accelerating

"I am prepared and I think I can speak for Republicans in the House and Republicans in the Senate."

“Nancy said, ‘We’re not looking to impeach you,'” Trump said after the meeting.”I said, ‘That’s good, Nancy, that’s good.'”

“You have to weigh the equities."

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Sunday, January 6th: Shutdown Week 3 - President Trump and the Democrats still have not reached a deal over border wall funding as the government shutdown stretches…

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For the umpteenth time, Dems think, "This will be the end of Trump." Will the president complete his first term?

No - He'll be impeached

No - He'll resign

Yes - but loses 2020

Yes - President thru 2024


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