Meteors to pop out all over in upcoming cold mornings

Lunar rover touches down

Photos taken one billion miles farther than Pluto!

"You should find that particular featured snippet now removed."

Tune-in to this debate about the authenticity of one of mankind's greatest achievements

New clues as to what makes up dark matter


First observational evidence of effect sheds light on enigmatic substance


Step aside Pink Floyd...

Will AI takeover humanity?

Nations compete for cutting-edge interstellar travel

AI too dumb to perform given task without "cheating"

Universe exists inside additional dimension


Concrete proof that black holes exist only found recently


Near the minimum of modern times


A comet impact was the most likely original source of ice

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Observations of a hot Neptune

Nitrites used in the meat industry have long been a source of debate

Rules show FB to be 'far more powerful arbiter of global speech than has been publicly recognized or acknowledged by the company itself'


Asteroid’s closest approach in more than 400 years

Sugars and sugar derivatives are essential to life on Earth

For over 20 hours, Apollo 8 remained in orbit around the Moon

The shell of our planet has been cracked

The vaccine industry is a criminal operation


Congress could use Constitution to stop social media companies from trampling the First Amendment

The distance has been narrowed down to 6,500 light-years

This bill is a great first step towards reigning in these biased social media companies.

Faint light helps pinpoint enigmatic material

Quantum mechanics used to push physics beyond Einstein's relativity theory

Netflix and Spotify were given the ability to read and delete Facebook users' private messages

Find out about the hidden technology here

Hubble’s ultraviolet vision opens up a new window on the evolving universe

The tests will be held near Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square on Monday and Tuesday

Today on the Alex Jones Show

Sunday, January 6th: Shutdown Week 3 - President Trump and the Democrats still have not reached a deal over border wall funding as the government shutdown stretches…

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For the umpteenth time, Dems think, "This will be the end of Trump." Will the president complete his first term?

No - He'll be impeached

No - He'll resign

Yes - but loses 2020

Yes - President thru 2024


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