Trump not in league with convicted pedophiles

Learn about the ins and outs of Mueller's witch hunt

Powerful hallucinogens a key tenet of mind control indoctrination

Dems only been in power for one day

The Democrats are the new House majority and they're already pushing for impeachment

Will he be held accountable?


Preteen drag queen paraded around by convicted murderer


Watch the Democrat's biggest bloopers

Infowars mocks Texas Monthly hit piece

The people must be warned of this Democrat scam

American liberals are now openly pro-war because of their hatred for Trump

Surely it's not the fault of Democrat policies...


Child predator hunters attacked by MSM


Young Democrat virtue signals with Bronx background, downplays elite high school years


What took so long?

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These people are out of touch with reality

How to counter the negative news spread by MSM

Find out how to stand up against liberal control freaks


Populist president to roll back socialism in favor of liberty policies

Mike Adams discusses the future and explains a few key decisions that lie ahead

China infiltrating our technology, entertainment, and government infrastructure

The Left encourages this type of behavior

Here's an Infowars interview with Overton discussing his life, patriotism, and the American Dream


Big Bank involvement early indicator of manipulation

Cell phone technology rattling our DNA to pieces

Fight back against big governments to preserve your freedom and dignity

Christian Spain focused on resistance of Muslim invaders

2019 is already shaping up to be a key year for independence

Corporate legacy media invokes kids' literature to slander President

A lesson on how the bankers tricked America into economic slavery

Scottish Parliament bans the term, Gingerbread Man

POTUS waging war against the globalist cabal

Today on the Alex Jones Show

Sunday, January 6th: Shutdown Week 3 - President Trump and the Democrats still have not reached a deal over border wall funding as the government shutdown stretches…

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For the umpteenth time, Dems think, "This will be the end of Trump." Will the president complete his first term?

No - He'll be impeached

No - He'll resign

Yes - but loses 2020

Yes - President thru 2024


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