The War Room hosted by Owen Shroyer and Roger Stone is a fast paced, wide ranging news talk program for the afternoon drive. The show hosts go into the daily news stories, going back and forth with diverse and insider guests, you’ll know exactly what went on in the news everyday. With a team of producers getting the best clips from the day, you’ll hear from President Trump, the action on the Hill, as well as what other people are saying, whether sane or insane, you will hear it all. Afternoon drive news talk is about to change. We’re in a war for America, this is the war room.

Democrats Expose Themselves As Radicals Bent On Impeachment Of Trump In First Day Of New Congress - War Room Full Show

President Trump Says He Will Build The Wall Without Congressional Approval

The Truth About Democrats And Identity Politics

Don't Believe Democrats Soft Peddling Their Plan To Impeach Donald Trump

Trump Must Fix The Internet Censorship And Ballot Security Issues To Win In 2020

Cannabis Legalization Could Be Key To Trump Re-Election

Watch As Muslim Congresswoman Says She Will Impeach Trump, Then Runs From Media

Vaccine Expert Breaks Down The Horror Of Vaccines In America

Ted Cruz Proposes Term Limits For Congress


Today on the Alex Jones Show

Sunday, January 6th: Shutdown Week 3 - President Trump and the Democrats still have not reached a deal over border wall funding as the government shutdown stretches…

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For the umpteenth time, Dems think, "This will be the end of Trump." Will the president complete his first term?

No - He'll be impeached

No - He'll resign

Yes - but loses 2020

Yes - President thru 2024


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